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Dear H. C. S. C. Friends,

      As time nears for the completion of my tenure as your President, I want to reflect on the past five years.  From a personal standpoint, it has been my honor and privilege to serve you in this capacity. I have made many new friends and renewed several previous Penney relationships.

      Many changes have taken place over this time, especially within the last couple of years – in the Company we all loved and served, as well as in our country, and even the world.  Not all change has been what we would have wanted, nor in many instances, anticipated.

      We held the 2013 National Convention, which I chaired, in Washington, D.C., and then convened our gathering in 2016 in San Antonio, Texas.  During the October Annual Meeting that year, I began my “three-year” term as President (nee Chairman) of this wonderful relationship-built organization.

      Being a long-time Board member, I thought I had a fairly decent understanding of what the role entailed. Following in the footsteps of the excellent leadership of Sharon (Leight) Winkle and Warren Richards, as well as Jim Hailey and Tom Arthur, would indeed prove to be a challenge.

          In addition to these leaders, I had the benefit of exceptionally strong partners on the National Board and in the Regional Meeting Groups (RMGs), previously known as Local Meeting Groups (LMGs).  I was able to depend on terrific support from Ellen Baker, Al Bell, current Treasurer Karen Bell, former Treasurer Bill Burns, Robin Caldwell, Tom Clarke, Tom McGurren, Jeannette Siegel, Wynn Watkins, Sharon (Leight) Winkle; and Ron Salzetti and Larry Noble with the H.C.S.C. Foundation.

      Pat Carberry was instrumental in taking our Partners magazine to a new level of enjoyment, which was maintained and expanded under the guidance of Editors Ellen Baker, Susan Dunseth, and Jeannette Siegel. I have also much appreciated the work Sheila Radabaugh has done for us on our national website.

      The continued viability of the JCPenney H. C. S. C. National Alumni Club is really up to you - all of you - who must work together to sustain alliances and ongoing activities. Fortunately, I am confident you will have very capable leadership over the next several years via Bill Watson (incoming National President), Bill Kruder (incoming 1st Vice-President) and Steve Strom (incoming 2nd Vice-President).

      My last Annual Meeting to oversee the organization will be in October 2021 and, with the Board’s endorsement, I will remain onboard for a year to assist the incoming officers, as needed, with the transition.

      So, I say THANK YOU to everyone for your participation and wisdom in helping me guide our club. It has been a pleasure to serve with you.      In Partnership,  Phil

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