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. President Bill Watson...

The past couple of years have been stressful and taxing for our members, and for some heartbreaking, as we have dealt with this pandemic.  As we look forward to 2022 there appears to be reason for optimism that our lives will return to normal soon.  It will be wonderful to once again be able to join with our JCPenney partners in fun and enjoyable events.  Our goals for this year are to provide events that will encourage our members to participate, improve our membership numbers, and to celebrate our H.C.S.C. 90th Birthday.  Hopefully, you have just received your copy of Partners magazine.  Jeannette Siegel, who does a wonderful job as editor, asks that we email her at 1902partners@gmail.com fun or eventful things that happened in each of our careers.


1st Vice President Bill Kruder...

Thanks to twelve JCPenney retirees in 1932 creating a "social" club.  We celebrate our 90th Anniversary of our club this year.  Nationally, we will have three 90th Anniversary ZOOM happy hours including drawings for $90 Southwest Airline gift cards, quarterly prize drawings for members who donate $90 to the Foundation, a prize for the best Partners magazine article submitted, and a H.C.S.C. mug available for purchase.  We encourage the Regional Meeting Groups to host events with a $90 gift card for a member raffle and other creative ways.  Join us in making this a memorable 90th Birthday Celebration.


2nd Vice President Steve Strom...

After a wonderful year of adding 178 new members to our Alumni Club in 2021, we want to continue our success with a new 2022 Membership Growth Campaign. The campaign is yearlong and will reward each Regional Meeting Group as they achieve percent levels of growth. A 3% growth will earn $50, a 5% growth will earn $100, a 10% growth will earn $150, and a 15% growth will earn $200. That's a total of $500 for each RMG that achieves 15% growth for the year.  Regional presidents will be emailed all the details.  Best wishes to each RMG. 

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