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President Bill Watson

Dear HCSC Members, It has been a pleasure to serve you this past year as your president. Beginning in October we will have a new 2nd VP who has agreed to serve and Bill Kruder will become president and Steve Strom will be 1st VP based on board approval. As we wrap up this fiscal year, I thought it appropriate to review the accomplishments of our officers.

Bill Kruder, 1st VP, was told that it was not possible to have a national email distribution list. He knew better and went right to the person who could make it happen... his wife Debi who implemented this for us. Now we can reach each HCSC member directly. Bill said we need to have a social media connection like a national Facebook account, so he promptly set up a national Facebook page and several Facebook pages for some of our Regional Meeting Groups (RMG). Our national FB page now has over 400 active members. Ninety years ago, HCSC became an alumni club. Bill took on the task of promoting our 90th Anniversary Celebration by creating our HCSC ZAZZLE STORE with mugs, tee shirts and other logo goods. Then he conducted our first ever National Zoom Happy Hour for each quarter with over $1,000 for each event donated to the HCSC Foundation.

Steve Strom, 2nd VP, took membership growth. He organized several contests and promotions to encourage the RMG's to solicit new members. Last year HCSC added 180 new members and 39 so far this year. Through the assistance of Tom Clarke, a new online new member application was installed on the national website. Steve has spearheaded the planning and support for the 2nd Annual J.C.Penney Golden Rule Days event in Kemmerer, WY on 8/27/2022. He has provided research, coordination, and fundraising for the removal and shipping of Mr. Penney's 6 bronze plaques from the old statue base in the old home office in Plano, TX to the City of Kemmerer, WY for display adjacent to Mr. Penney's Statue in Triangle Park.

Up to this this point our Partners Magazine has been without any advertisements. Bill and Steve, being marketing guys, suggested we sell ads to defray some of our production costs. The JCPenney Company has agreed to purchase four pages of ads and they will be the only advertiser in Partners.

Our team felt it important to build a relationship with the new management of the Company. Southeastern RMG's President Jim Alcorn and I invited new CEO Marc Rosen to visit our SE RMG's meeting in Huntsville, AL. Marc graciously agreed to do so. I had the pleasure of participating with him in a fireside chat. Marc's focus was that 'JCPenney Is Back'. Since Marc's visit several communications have developed between our organizations. We need the support of the Penney Company and I think they need the knowledge and heritage our organization provides.

Past president Phil Esch continued to be an integral part of our monthly officer meetings. His sage advice was always welcomed. Tom Clarke, while maintaining our membership records, knows just about everything there is to know about HCSC and has partnered with us at our monthly officer meetings. He continues to do so much for us behind the scenes. Jeannette Seigel continues to amaze us on the wonderful publication of our prized Partners Magazine. Sharon Leight keeps the minutes and keeps us straight on procedures. Karen Bell does all the invoicing, check collection, pays the bills, produces our financial reports. Robin Caldwell and Susan Dunseth keep up with the Century Club and 50 Year Pin recipients. We couldn't function without any of these fine people.

As I wind up my tenure, I thank all HCSC Club members for their support of the Club and carrying on the spirit of the Company we all loved. I am grateful to have served you.

In partnership,



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