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  Some computer systems require holding down the CTRL (Control) KEY when clicking on a link.  A link is the instruction to go to another page or website.  It is usually printed in blue and underlined.  On this website, you can usually click on the picture shown or directly on the printed link instruction.  



Most of this websites pages have a link at the top of the page to “Return to Home” page.  Just click on it to return to the Home Page.

Some of this websites pages also have another link that will return to the page that you came from, or a choice of links for a future page.  Just CLICK your choice. 

Sometimes, the website has directed you to a different website… for instance to see the current JCPenney STOCK PRICE.  There are several ways to return to this website.

Each computer system is a little different, but you have several choices:

  • First, the HOME PAGE tab will still appear on your browser.  By CLICKING on the HOME PAGE BROWSER tab, you will return to this website’s HOME PAGE.

  • Second, CLICK on the little “x” on the browser tab for the current page… e.g. Yahoo’s JCP Stock Screen.  You will return to this website’s HOME PAGE.

  • Third, just close the external web page by CLICKING on the “X” in the upper right had corner of your web browser. Choose, CLOSE CURRENT TAB ONLY






If you have any problems with our website, please let us know so that we can update this HELP PAGE to help other members. 

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